Getting started with your Raw Food Detox

Getting started

Getting started is easy but it is important to prepare well. First of all it is easy to slip up if you have an environment that makes it easy to slip up.

But the first step is to make sure you have something to eat during your first two weeks. Plan every meal and also plan some snacks if you happen to get hungry between meals.

One way is to search through our recipes for some inspiration and to make sure you eat tasty foods during your detox. When you love what you eat and how you feel when you´re eating it, it will be simple to keep up the diet/detox.

Here is a simple diet sheet you can use to plan your meals. Download it, print it and use it as a tool when your getting started to get a great start.

Getting started diet sheet

Another tip when getting started is to remove the “temptations” and possibilities to slip from your diet. If possible, clear your fridge and pantry. This will make it easier for you.

If you would happen to slip from your diet, don´t be to hard on yourself, just dust your self of, get motivated and try again.

Get help from others in out raw food forum and find great recipes on our site.