Raw Food, what is it and why should I eat it?

Raw Food

Raw Food is simply put unprocessed raw vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) if heated at all and the benefits to a raw food diet or raw food detox are many.




What is Raw food

Well some examples of raw food is pineapple, carrots, mango and so on. Instead of making a complete list of raw foods, here is a list of the 24 raw food groups to make it easy for you to decide what is raw food and what is not.


  1. Fresh fruits (apples, pears, pineapple etc.)
  2. Vegetables (carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes etc.)
  3. Salad vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers etc.)
  4. Leafy green vegetables (kale, watercress, chard etc.)
  5. Herbs (basil, mint, parsley etc.)
  6. Wild greens (dandelion, nettle, purslane etc.)
  7. Nuts (almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts etc.)
  8. Dried fruits (prunes, raisins, sultanas etc.)
  9. Sprouted beans, pulses and legumes (aduki, mung, lentil etc.)
  10. Sprouted grains (wheat, rye, barley etc.)
  11. Seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower etc.)
  12. Sprouted seeds (quinoa, buckwheat, chia etc.)
  13. Indoor greens (wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots etc.)
  14. Sprouted vegetable seeds (broccoli, mustard, cress etc.)
  15. Edible flowers (wild rose petals, honeysuckle, lavender blossoms etc.)
  16. Mushrooms (oyster, portobello, reishi etc.)
  17. Sea vegetables (dulse, wakame, kelp etc.)
  18. Algaes (chlorella, spirulina, Klamath lake blue-green algae etc.)
  19. Oils (olive oil, sesame oil, hemp oil etc.)
  20. Stimulants (onion, garlic, cayenne pepper etc.)
  21. Spices (turmeric, cumin, nutmeg etc.)
  22. Flavourings and sweeteners (cacao, honey, mesquite meal etc.)
  23. Superfoods (aloe vera, bee pollen, maca etc.)
  24. Pre-packaged/prepared raw foods (nut butters, seed butters, flax crackers etc.)



Why should I eat Raw Food?

Why should I eat Raw Food

The main reason to eat Raw food is the health benefits. Raw food is natural, often organic and provides a lot of nutrients and antioxidants.

As a result of this Raw food has a slimming and youthful effect on people which is well documented. More than this it helps against many diseases like diabetes and many more.

So why should you eat raw food? You get more energy, less sickness, a slimmer figure and an over all healthier life!

So here is a list of the pros (Cons need to shop foods a bit more often) :

  • More energy
  • Less illness
  • Slimmer figure
  • Over all healthier


To get a great start in trying it out is with a Raw Food Detox. You can also learn more about what a Raw Food detox is.


Learn more what the difference is between vegan and raw food or get started with your raw food detox.