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    This site is much about getting started and keeping up with a raw food diet. For all of those ready to take the first step, tell them, how was your first week of Raw food detox?

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    Hi everybody,

    I guess I´ll be the first out to tell you about my first week 😉

    For me it was not such a big step since I went vegan the spring of 2008. So when I went raw last summer I went 100% raw for 6 months. After that I´m about 75% raw.

    But this where suppose to be about my first week. I actually did not have any problems, I did however feel like I had more energy.

    I think it´s possible to go directly to raw but to first go vegan is probably easier.

    / Miranda

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      Hi Miranda,

      thank you for being our first post in this new forum. You are right about not having to be 100% raw after a while but like you did I think it is good to have a 100% period to begin with and a complete detox.

      Keep on doing the good habits!

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    Hi, I’m on my second week of my raw food detox.. the first 5 days och my first week was pretty hard form me. I had planed my meals for the hole week but the hard part was that my mind played tricks on me and tried to get me to eat some of my old food but I stuck with the raw food and now it´s a bit easier so I think I will make it!

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      Hi Jordan,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It´s very common the first week or some times even first two weeks to be a bit rough. Hang in there and it will become easier and easier.

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